Dear Eva Moskowitz: NO, I would NEVER work at Success Academy.

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Dear Eva Moskowitz,

Hey. I got your email yesterday.

And so too, apparently, did hundreds–maybe thousands– of teachers from all over the State of New Jersey. I’m still trying to figure out how you got access to our public school email accounts and what kind of regulations, laws, or codes of ethics you’ve violated by sending solicitations to our professional inboxes (how much did it cost for you to pull this off, by the way?), but that’s a completely separate issue.

I find it really odd that you’re recruiting in what appears to be at least a 100-mile radius of NYC, since I live and work about an hour and a quarter away from Manhattan; and although the Indoctrination SessionCandidate Reception” you’re hosting on May 27th sounds intriguing (well, mostly just the part about the drinks and hors d’ouevres), I regret to inform you that there’s no way in hell I’d ever take a job with Success Academy. Ever.

I thought it was pretty despicable that you sent a similar version of the email you sent me to Newark teachers—again at their work email addresses—around the time when Cami Anderson announced mass layoffs of public school teachers and mass closures of district schools, so I wrote this.

So imagine my shock when a new message from Success Academy popped up in my inbox! Given that you thought I’d be interested in leaving a job I love and pursuing employment within your chain of charters, I’m assuming you didn’t read my last post—so I’ll recap my main points, which in this capacity will also serve as reasons I will not be attending your Indoctrination Session “Candidate Reception,” here:

I also just read you “might run for mayor some day“–mostly so you can expand your empire. Good Lord.  I’m sorry for all the kids who will be left behind if you somehow get control of NYC.  

Anyway, please accept this post as my RSVP to your invitation–and PLEASE stop preying upon the public school teachers in New Jersey who are working hard to fight the destructive policies you promote.

Oh, and finally: do not ever email me at my place of work again. Ever.





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5 responses to “Dear Eva Moskowitz: NO, I would NEVER work at Success Academy.

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  2. Linda

    I got one too in Connecticut, a three round trip to NYC. How did she get our school emails?

  3. Sara Kotzin

    This is a terrific response and should be circulated widely. Please consider our petition in support of everything you just wrote.
    Protect your district from #charterfication Sign the petition Hear the parents

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