Chris Christie the Glutton

Merriam-Webster defines gluttony as “excess in eating or drinking and “greedy or excessive indulgence.

And today, Chris Christie had the nerve to accuse New Jersey’s pubic school teachers of being gluttons:

Railing against teachers, [Governor Christie] claimed the average 30-year teacher contributes just $195,000 of the $2.6 million in pension and health benefits they receive over their lifetime.

Christie said Friday he’ll make the largest payment the state can afford, but he won’t burden taxpayers with the cost of maintaining “a broken system.”

“The taxpayers of New Jersey are not, as long as I’m here, going to be the ones that shoulder the blame for their gluttony…,” he said.

First of all, governor, the taxpayers of New Jersey don’t “shoulder the blame” for the state’s broken pension system: you and your predecessors do. No: New Jersey’s taxpayers are victims of your reckless financial decisions and ill-advised economic policies–all of which favor the 1%–and all of which have caused the state’s economy to tank.

But if you really want to talk about gluttony, and if you seriously think teachers are guilty of “greedy or excessive indulgence,” I have a few real examples of gluttony for you. Any sound familiar?

  • Spending $82,594 taxpayer dollars on food and alcohol at Jets and Giants games is an example of gluttony.
  • $100,000+ trip to the Cowboys/Lions game is an example of gluttony.
  • Taking Sheldon Adelson’s private jet, on which you had your “own bedroom,” on your “trade mission” to Israel is an example of gluttony.
  • The $30,000 hotel-room bill King Abdullah paid so you and your family could attend parties and champagne receptions is an example of gluttony.
  • Your repeated demands for “private jets, lavish spreads of food, [and] space for a massive entourage” are examples of gluttony.
  • That you fly private jets often enough to have a preference for “Cessna Citation X flights” is an example of gluttony.
  • Tak[ing] over conference rooms laid out with elaborate spreads of food at all hours” is an example of gluttony.
  • Your $40,000 “three-day tour” of the UK is an example of gluttony.
  • Your State Police helicopter ride to your son’s high school baseball game is an example of gluttony.
  • Your trip to the 2013 Super Bowl, which cost taxpayers nearly $11,000, is an example of gluttony.
  • The excessive expenses you racked up–with “insufficient, inaccurate or no justification”–as the US attorney who most often exceeded the government travel expense rate are examples of gluttony.
  • Your $236 four-mile car-service ride to the airport is an example of gluttony.

I know I’m missing a few (dozen). And I don’t even have time to get into the gluttonous relationships you have with your Wall Street and corporate friends.

I don’t care who paid for your lavish trips or if they were privately funded, and I don’t care that other politicians (famous people, rich people, etc.) enjoy similar gluttonous experiences to the ones I listed above. Good for them, and good for you for having so much money (what’s that? you say you’re not rich?), and good for you for having such rich friends. Congratulations. Really. Glutton it up.

But how dare you accuse public school teachers of being greedy when the amount of taxpayer money you spent on food and alcohol at sporting events exceeds what most teachers make in a year.

If that’s not the literal definition of gluttony, I don’t know what is.

How disgustingly despicable.



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